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Vicky Moore

"I wanted to share my sincerely wonderful experience at O'Brien training. I went in with absolutely no knowledge or experience of heavy equipment which obviously heightened my anxiety and such and Justin and Dale, the trainers, where truly exceptional not only in their knowledge and ability to properly train but with their communication and understanding and ability to adapt to each person's learning style. They were always patient and compassionate. Just in the short two weeks there you could feel the family atmosphere of the O'Brien staff not just onsite but office as well. Jaime was a God send and I am truly grateful for her help and guidance even keeping in touch afterwards. It’s thanks to O'brien Training and the amazing staff that I have been able to excel in my new career path and feel competent and safe during my workday. I highly recommend O'Brien Training to anyone."

Vicky completed her training with us on October 7th and began her new position at Conuma Coal just 3 weeks later.

Congratulations Vicky on your new career path and thank you for the kind words!

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Shania Stump

Shania came to us for training at our Prince George training site in April of 2021. Upon completing her course, Shania received certification on rock truck, wheel loader, and excavator. 

“My first job I was hired as a Rock Truck driver. By the end of the first month I started training and became a trainer for new employees who have never been in a rock truck before. When winter came I advanced to a wheel loader operator for snow removal in Prince George. I worked there for one year and the second year I started working at a mine with another company. Right after I was hired I became the main trainer with this company as well, then went to a packer for a month. Now I'm one of the main operators in a wheel loader. For a little bit I was running the loader and screener at the same time by myself. I became the main trainer by the end of my second week of working at the mine. I LOVE training, I don't have patience myself, but for training I have all the patience. O'Brien Training has definitely help me become who I am today as an operator/trainer. I had amazing instructors. I'm looking forward to more open doors and expanding my abilities.”

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Matt Lafleur

Matt traveled from Vancouver Island to train with us as a Worksafe client. He was determined to become a processor operator. 


"It's a different job. Not everyone can do it, and I like doing things that are a bit more difficult."


Matt was learning on the timber block. 

"Everyone here is good. Dardo takes good care of me, I talk to him all the time. Dan's a great guy, all the guys out here are great to work with. They all come over and help, and give me little pointers that I need. Taylor has been my main instructor, and he's awesome. He's got tons of experience."

Through our recruitment service, O'Brien helped Matt to find a job on Vancouver Island, near his home town of Naniamo. 


"I started the new job right after finishing training. They supplied me with a pickup, pay me union rate. It's a union company so I get all my benefits and such. I am running a 2018 tiger cat 880D with a 605 south star head on it. It only had 3000 hours on it when I started!"


Congratulations, Matt! Your hard work has paid off.

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