Q. Are you PCTIA accredited, what is your number?

We are a registered school with PCTIA and our registration number is 3467.

Q. What is the duration of the training?

1 day to 5 weeks.

Q. How often is the course offered? (How often is your intake?)

Continual intake. On course within 1 week of funding approval.

Q. How many people graduated from your programs last year?


Q. How many graduates found employment in their chosen career?


Q. Do you have any course prerequisites?

Required Personal Protection Equipment: (students expense) hi-viz vest, hi-viz hard hat, steel toed boots. Gloves and eye protection suggested.

Q. What is required prior to my start date?

Funding approval or payment in full for program, all personal protective equipment purchased.

Q. Do employers recognize the training offered by your institute?

Yes, in fact we will help you to the best of our ability to find employment.

Q. What is the total cost of the one piece (Excavator) training you provide?


Q. Is there an age limit for attending O’Brien Training school?

Yes, we require that you be a minimum of 18 years old.

Q. Does the government recognize the program?

Yes, we have had many government agencies using our services for training. We are now an ITA accredited school.

Q. Do you receive a certificate or diploma?

Yes, we issue a certificate and safety tickets subject to the successful completion of your program.

Q. Do I have to have a high school diploma?

No, you do not need a high school diploma.

Q. Where do I go for financial assistance?

If unemployed check with the unemployment office and your case worker. They will be able to look at the funding program you are inquiring about. They have numerous programs that you might be eligible for. If you have a learning or physical disability, check with your local Department of Vocational Rehabilitation. If you are a first nations, check with your band office.

Q. Is there a local housing list available?

We have secured a nominal rate for accommodation very close to our training site. Call for details and availability.

Q. Is there assistance with finding employment?

Your success is ultimately up to you. However, we do everything possible to assist in your success. We provide a contact list and introduce you to the information that could help get you employed. www.corerecruitment.ca

Q. Will I be sharing my equipment with other student's?

No, you will be operating your own equipment for the duration of the course.

Q. What size of equipment do you train on?

We use a variety of equipment with the smallest being just under 10 tonne and the largest just under 40 tonne.

Q. Do you provide an actual working environment?

Yes, we implement tasks that are commonly used in the field for Forestry, Construction, Mining and Oil & Gas.

Q. How much experience do your instructors have?

All of our Instructors have a minimum of 7 years experience and up to 20 years in the field they are training/teaching in.

Q. What sets you apart from other schools?

We have the widest selection of industrial equipment and a 500 acre active training site. Our owner has logging operations with West Fraser Mills and does a variety of construction projects, therefor O'Brien Training knows first hand the construction and forestry business. Because of this involvement, we have a high success rate in helping students find employment after training. We also have a job placement and career development program in place with CORE Recruitment, giving our students the best chance at finding their chosen career.